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What are some tips that are helpful for a beginner rider?

What are some tips that are helpful for a beginner rider?
Trust your horse and trust your trainer, they will guide you! A tip that might help for posting is to squeeze the horse every time you go down into the saddle, it’ll keep the horse going, and it’ll be way easier when you ae trying to focus on heels down or eyes up.
Thank you!
One thing I have to tell you is to steal with your eyes. If you watch the older girls and begin to say to yourself “oh, I really like how far her heels are down!” Then you start to apply them to your riding, by remembering the your really liked Jane’s heels. Another thing that you can do is talk to older and more advanced riders. I know it may seem scary at first but you’ll be surprised at just how much they know and usually how nice they are. Finally remember you’re here to have fun! So have fun!
Patience is key - it can be hard not to get frustrated when you are first learning; there is a lot to remember when it comes to riding, or learning any new sport. Just remember that we all started at the same place, and eventually all the riding aids you’ve learned will become second nature to you. Most importantly though - have fun!
Stay calm and patient. Learn everything you can