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What are your advice for slowing the pace of a thoroughbred ? I am using a regular snaffle and half halts, but doesn't help.

What are your advice for slowing the pace of a thoroughbred ? I am using a regular snaffle and half halts, but doesn't help.
Thanks for all the advice. Going to try more circles. He has had plenty of time off and retraining. Have introduced poles--very new to him. Going to try twisted snaffle.
Wonderful advice from everyone. Our barn retrained OTTB’s into H/J’s. Long process of an extended pasture break then started from scratch all the while teaching them relaxation. All of which was against their nature from track training. Some training days were halted and became relaxation training days. You have you have their mind and their trust and they can be taught how to manage their anxiety. Cannot rush them in any capacity at any time. I also had bombproofing days that were slowwww. We would suit up and travel to shows and just hang out all day. Zero pressure. Happy trails
Try to stay off of the track as much as possible. Circles, poles, random patterns, (and a LOT of transition work) make it easier to control them, as well as taking their mind off of wanting to run. After all, they’re used to running around a track, right ;)? Make sure that with everything you do, you do on your terms. This doesn’t mean fight them on everything, because you really have to pick and choose your battles, but if you’re looking for a trot circle and they want to canter, you make sure you’re getting a TROT circle. Make sure they’re always going at the pace you want, when you want, even if that means that you only get one trot step between canter steps. The more you work on transitions, the easier it becomes. The horse also reads your body language, so if you ride them like old school horses, sometimes that’ll help as well. 👍🏻
Try to make every move unpredictable. Make sure your horse is listening to you and responding. Another thing that you can do is halt, I have an OTTB and halting teaches them to slow down and stop what they are doing. Finally I would check that all your tack isn’t pinching him, and maybe try him in a harsher bit, you should also take into consideration the fact that he might be avoiding his bit and in that case you should try a flash.
Hope this helps!
Thoroughbreds are usually pretty smart so I would say try and always do unpredictable things. Turn around on circles always present new jumps don’t do the same things again and again. You can also do a lot of pole work. You can put them in front and behind the jump so he have things to think about and have to be careful
Circles are my best friends with my OTTB right now. Continue with regular work but once they start pushin for a faster pace bring them into a circle to collect there head and make them focus on what you are asking.