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What is your opinion on the Pelham bit?

What is your opinion on the Pelham bit?
For me it depends on the horse. One horse I used to ride I loved and he didn’t mind it at all. But now I ride a different horse and he doesn’t like them at all
Depends on what you want to use it to accomplish. All bits have their places and uses.
Thanks so much for all the ideas and input!
Hey! I use a pelham that is very simple in a mare that was freaking out with the double! The one that I use is lighter then the double and I always use it with double reins! It really works for her, she is more quiet with her head and more engaged
Hope it helps
I think there is a very good place for the Pelham. I personally prefer a lighter bit, but if you and your horse need the control it is a great option
Depends on how it is working for the horse and rider... personally would choose a milder bit but it’s all preferences