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What are your tips for preparing for a show?

What are your tips for preparing for a show?
Make sure you grab everything, clean your Horse (especially the grey ones 😂) and dont be nervous
Do a last minute check for everything before you leave for a show! I was at a show 3 hours away from home once and realized I forgot my hunt coat half an hour before my class.

Also, don't be afraid to over pack a little, and bring a travel vet box with you that has basics like bandages, vet wrap, a couple different kinds of medications, etc. in it. Never know when you'll need it!
Thank you so much!
I recommend getting a checklist online. It has everything! I forgot what the website is, but if you want I can find it :)
Checklist for horse and checklist for rider. Have backups for items as best you can.
First off, make sure that you and your horse both have the appropriate equipment and apparel for the show, double check everything with your trainer just to make sure. Also, practice the pattern of your opening and closing circles while jumping at home and really get a feel for your horses stride so you can tell when you will need to speed up or slow down in a line.
Hope that helped!! Good luck! :)
For both the horse and rider, i am showing Hunter.
As in for the horse or rider? And for what discipline?