Whenever I try to turn the horse while cantering or jumping, I always pull my hand out to the side and yank. How can I be conscious of this while riding and fix it as well?

Think about your outside aids - using your outside leg to push your horse over and outside rein to keep your horse from falling out. I know it comes as second nature to us to instinctively pull our horse in the direction we want to go. Try and think of pushing your horse through the turn instead of pulling your horse around it, that way you’re able to keep a light contact with your inside rein. Hopefully this is helpful for you!
I would just repeat it to yourself when jumping, or say anything to remind your self. Another thing that you can do is hold that rein in a funny way which will help remind you not to pull on your horses face.
Hope this helps!
Hi Sharon
Just think about it the whole time as well as the activity you are doing rather than just yanking lift your hand slightly and out the the side and use you position look where you want to go and face your body that way and when open your hand slightly push it forwards too.
Hope this helps
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