Sport horses had changed regarding their build, their skills,... What do you think about it and how do you recognize a good sport horse?

In terms of show jumping, it’s nice to find a well built horse confirmation wise. Good feet, not to small hooves, not too long in the back/neck. A more compact built horse that’s proportionate always seem to be the best in regards to show jumping. I also look for good temperament
TB, warmbloods are amazing
Hi :) In every disciplines, sport is not the same anymore, in jumping for example courses are more technical, so horses couldn't stay exactly the same. They have to be faster, also more responsive, but riders are different too, they have to be more precise than they were before.
I don't think theses changes are a bad thing, regarding the fact that it's the whole industry that changed and is still changing nowadays.
Hello David ! The sport as definitely changed over the years so of course horses changed too, the breeding is different and so do the crossings. Owners aren't looking for the same horses as before so breeders have to adapt.

I think a good sport horse, independently of the discipline, needs to have a good mental, to love competition and to be willing to give a lot to his rider!
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