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How high can a 14 hands tall pony jump (average)?

How high can a 14 hands tall pony jump (average)?
It really just depends on the horse and age .
It just depends on the horse. I have a 14.2 hand high pony and she can jump 2’9
It really depends on the pony itself. For example, I currently own a 14.2hh pony who isn’t a jumper. Although, I previously leased a 13.2hh pony who could jump 3’4”. I suggest speaking to a trainer about the horse’s potentional. I hope this helped
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Hi Esther
Most of the 14hh with me jump around a meter and some 148s jump 1.10-1.30m but it does depend on the mindset and athleticism of the pony.
Hope this helps
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