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How do you guys like to do your trot to canter transitions and do you have personal preferences of techniques, cues, etc.?

How do you guys like to do your trot to canter transitions and do you have personal preferences of techniques, cues, etc.?
I sit back and try to give my horse clear signs to canter🦄❤️
@kristelniro actually, I wouldn’t consider myself to be new to this. My instructor never taught me properly how to make the transition, she just let me do whatever (as long as it was safe of course) and that led to horrible transitions and awkward canters. But thanks for your advice, I’m definitely going to try this the next time I ride.
My mare and I have different cues for different things. When I want her to trot I cluck, when I want her to canter I make kiss and add pressure with my legs. Some horses like voice commands too. For example, with my uncles horse u have to tell him either trot or cancter with leg pressure.
Sit back and deep and ever so slightly shift ur weight in ur hips as if ur mimicking the canter of the horse, outside leg back. Try watching dressage mastery for extra advice. This technique takes some getting used to and I can tell ur beginning
@pbequestrian thanks so much! :)
Impulsion not compulsion sorry Taylor!
Hi there,
For a polished trot to canter transition first the horse needs to be in front of your leg (travelling with compulsion on their own not you having to nag to keep them out of walk) and understand the half halt (a squeeze though the rein while using the leg to produce balance and collection). Personally and what seems to work for my students is once you have established a good trot, sit for a few strides while popping your inside leg near the girth and outside leg back a little. Then with a stronger squeeze with the outside leg than the inside while half halting with the outside rein ask for canter. I like to use the outside aids more as this later makes a better signal for flying changes. Hope this helps!
@lianwilson this is exactly what I was looking for! I was told a while ago this but I totally forgot so thanks very much :)
@izzyhorse cool, thanks so much:)
Hi Taylor
Where I am most of the horses are trained for the outside leg back and inside leg in the same place and lift inside hand and half halt with the outside hand but it is normally different for different horses
Hope this helps
It depends where you are and what kind of horse you're riding.
To canter...

Many different ques usually depending on rider and horse experience

-Kissing sound
-Sitting deep in the seat and adding even pressure
-Maintain a contact and adding pressure with the inside leg

There is many different variations usually depends on horses training as well