Ask EQUISTRO: I'm starting competition with my 5 years old horse, it's his first season and I want him to stay in good shape, do you advise specific supplements for young sport horses?


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Thank you so much, I will check out these product!
Hello Tessy,

Yes, we have many supplements which can help him to keep form or in prevention.

For example we have the supplement: Haemolytan who helps to provide the element necessary for red blood cell synthesis as well as for recovery after intensive effort.

To support his muscular system, you can use MYO POWER to prepare the competition and support a healthy muscular development and condition.

We recommend to use FLEXADIN UCII®, to protect his joints. The FLEXADIN UCII® formula is particularly interesting for horses whose joint mechanism is subject to intense effort and regular exertion.
For the loss of electrolytes after sweating we have the product ELECTROLYT 7 which is recommended after competition or intense effort. Or EXCELL E for a better recovery after the competition.

We have a lot of products who can be used to keep him in good shape.

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