At what height would you recommend buying a jumping saddle? My trainer says 1m but what would be the best time to start looking for one?

If u start jumping and dont feel 100% comfy in your prezent saddle you can look for a jumping one 😄
I think it’s completely up to you; as long as it’s an investment that will be worth the money and you will get lots of use from. If you do a lot of jumping and think it would be worth it to yourself to get one, then it really doesn’t matter how high your jumping if the saddle is getting lots of use.
Hi Erin
For me it depends on how much you are competing and jumping. Me, personally, would get a jump saddle around 1m - 1.10m+ but if you are comfortable in a GP saddle then I would stick with it
Hope this helps
I would say it has more to do with how frequently you are jumping. At 1m you should have one, is my opinion. But if you are jumping 50cm often, I also think you should get one 😊
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