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What are your advices on barrel racing?

What are your advices on barrel racing?
Hello Kahylin ! I don't know if you are a beginner or not in barrel racing but here are some tips that might be useful for you:

- For moments when you need extra stability place your feet at the inner edge of your stirrup branch so your toes turn out. In your general riding place your feet more near the outer edge to keep them straight.

- Engage your abdominals by drawing your belly button up and toward your spine for more stability. Clear your throat to feel your abs engage.

- Instead of focusing on lifting a horse’s inside shoulder, focus instead on engaging and weighting, or “pushing in” the horse’s outside front leg.

- To encourage a horse to extend their stride in a circle, tap/bump them subtly with your outside leg right at the moment when their outside leg is forward and their “arm pit” is most open.

Hope it helps :)