What’s the best way to mentally cool down after a bad round?

I usually distract myself from the competition after taking care of the horse! go for a walk, meet my friends, whatever...
At the end of the day, I think about what went wrong, if I have the film of the round, I watch it over and over untill I know how I have to ride the next day, all of this with the help of my trainer!

Hope it helps
try to find any plus sides of it, analise your mistakes and try to do better next time 😚😘 good luck ❤️
What I do is take a deep breath talk to my horse and reset my brain for the next course
I would recommend just taking a walk or distracting yourself with your horse. Try petting or even talking to your horse to calm down. Finally you could go over what went wrong last round and what you could do to fix it!
Hope this helps!
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