My horse has come up with large lumps down his neck ☹️ We think it’s mosquitoes...Do you have any ideas on how to stop them from biting him or to make it more comfortable for him?

Thankyou x now the weather is better he has everything! He hasn’t came up with hives since 😁
Fly spray !
Flystop spray, fly rug, or any other fly stuff. In you can find a lot ❤️❤️❤️❤️
As long as the wounds aren’t open or bleeding then you should just leave them alone. But I do recommend fly spray or a fly sheet.
Thankyou he will have everything once it gets a bit warmer!!
A fly sheet might help. Also look for fly spray specific to mosquitos
Hey! You can put a Fly rug with the neck part, it might help! You can use a repellent for insects on him!
Hope it helps
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