When I ask my pony to trot she bucks and tends to not move or goes and bucks while trotting, is there anyway I can fix this?

Get a vet to check her and make sure your tack fits her properly. If everything is fine and she’s doing it just because she’s being difficult and she is unwilling to do it, tell her off when she does something you do not want her to do, and reward her when she does the thing that you want her to do and when she is behaving. Hope this helps! 😀
Maybe something hurts her? Check it out 😊
Have your vet check her teeth.
Check your tack, horses continue to grow, a saddle may fit them for a bit but as they gain muscle it can become ill fitting.
If all that checks out ok. Go back to ground work.
I would get a physio/osteopath out to give her a check
Well I would get her a check up to see what’s going on
Have u changed your tack or what u use for her? Has she recently been to the vet or had a dentist appointment? There is most likely something that is causing her pain which is why she is reacting like that. Do u use spurs? If so those might be the problem.
She’s only recelnty started bucking and I’ve had her for almost 3 months
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