Have you ever tried hirudotherapy (medicinal leech therapy) and what do you know about it?

I know that it's a natural way of salving a lot of problems! It is used for horses but also human, some people use it to reduce wrinkles for example and that's pretty efficient!
Hi ! I never heard of it until now so I did a quick research and here is what I found : http://www.dhgev.de/en/research-information/research-projects/veterinary-hirudotherapy-for-horse-laminitis-results-of-a-nationwide-study-in-germany/

In 84% of the case, there are improvements for laminitic horses when using bloodsuckers!
Hello Mathew ! My farrier often use it fro several things such as abscess or tendonitis.

It works really well and it's natural so it's a yes for me!
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