Is it better to keep a foal at the stables or to let him stay outside and why?

All my foals were born outside and they would stay in the field most of the time, when one is quite weak and the weather is really bad then he would sleep inside but it's really special cases.

Of course, specific cares need to be given to foals whether they live inside or outside :)

Hope it helped!
Hello :) If the foal is in good health there's no reason he couldn't go outside or even stay in the field 24/24. If he has a disease that retain him to stay in a stable then at least doing hand walks is the best!
Hi Melinda !
I think it is better to let a foal go outside as soon as possible, so that he can discover and play more. He will go outside sooner or later so he will be calmer if he has seen a lot of things since his young age!
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