What is the first (few) things you buy when you get a new horse?

Reins , saddle, food , make sure it has a vet , saddle pads , and a trailer if you are taking it places
Lots of apples/carrots to welcome him or her home! Then blankets in the right size.
Food, second hand rugs and if they need a saddle/boots I get those things, but I normally just put my current saddles on as I have ones that fit
Blankets,grooming supplies,food,first aid kit would be nice,halter,lead rope,saddle,bridle the usual;)
Halter, robe, brushes, saddle, briddle, boots....
Halter, lead rope, blankets, grooming kits, and make sure you have food and water and money
Halter and leadrope, than other stuff :) Very often some of those things come with the horse
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