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Is it good for the horse's tendons to trot on asphalt/pavement?

Is it good for the horse's tendons to trot on asphalt/pavement?
I don't think it's a pleasure for the horse...
No it is not good, do to the fact all of the horses weight is put on his front hooves and that can transfer to pain in the tendons and ligaments. However is it different if you put non-slip hoof boots on the horse or if he has shoes.
It is ok but verry dangrous because you can slip
It is not good for a horse as the tendons will then be put under more pressure than in an arena .
Thank you !
Also you can always get easy boots used especially for endurance. My horse was wearing them. I’ve also seen special shoes “sneakers”
It’s not great for them. One time my horse spooked when we were on a trail and started trotting off with me. Since our arena had been closed I let him blow off some steam (for not even 2 minutes). Yes it won’t cause damage if you do it once however over time it will. I would never recommend doing it on a daily basis
I definitely wouldn’t recommend it
I think plenty of walking on the road has the same benefits but less of the concussion.
Yes, as long as it's done for the correct time periods. It can strengthen there tendons. But only for 15min max at a time
I wouldnt try
No, I wouldn’t recommend it because the ground has no give so the horse can’t push off the same as they would when riding on grad or sand.
It depends on how long you do it for. You should never do it over 15 min. Also it depends on the horse as well. If you are thinking of trotting your horse over hard ground then start small like maybe 5 mins at a time and then increase the intensity.
Hey Alexia!
I think it’s quite good for horses tendons as long as it’s done for correct time periods and not overdone. I know a lot of racehorses get trotted on roads to strengthen their tendons but only for 10-15 minutes at a time and it’s never when the road is wet or bumpy or not a straight road. I also train with two olympians who do trotting sessions on the road with their horses every now and and then hen
Hello Alexia :) I think that roadwork has benefits but also downsides. There are benefits only if it is included in a specific training program, and if it's punctual.
There are also cons, like causing stress and strain on your horse's joints.

You can read this article if you want more information :

Hope it helped :)
Hi Alexia,
I think prolonged trots on hard surfaces like asphalt are quite harsh on their tendons, as well as,and even more so on their joints and ligaments. The lack of friction also increases the hazard of slipping.