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How do you treat minor wounds?

How do you treat minor wounds?
once the wound has scabbed, coconut oil will help the hair to grow back faster.
Clean it first with water and then put like a dollop of sudocream in it.
Thanks so much!
Hello Anna, I treat minor wounds such as scrapes or small shallow cuts by hosing the wound with some running water first. This gets rid of any sand and dirt so I can see how deep/shallow the wound is, and dab it dry with some gauze or a clean towel. After that I clean it with an antiseptic such as betadine. The next day I check for swelling, and signs of irritation. If there's no sign of irritation and little to no swelling I leave it. If it looks a little irritated I will repeat the hosing down and cleaning for another day, if it doesn't get better or get even worse I call my vet.
if he just had a scrape thats not life threatening apply Neosporin or bag balm
if it’s just little, silver spray works well
I usually call my vet
You could clean it first with hydron proxide and then if it is very bad might want to not ride your horse or take it to the cet
You can treat it the same way you would - assuming you're talking about a scrape