What do you think about the commitment of the equestrian community in social issues? I am thinking about the action #RideForOurLives that has taken place in Wellington the same day as the #MarchForOurLives rally.

Hi Maddy!
I'll admit to a certain level of ambivalence about it. It's awesome whenever the horse community looks beyond itself. However, in this case it's become more than just a simple movement about protesting violence and is dangerously close to constitutional rights removal and excessive Federal power.

That also said, we have quite a system of gun laws in place already... some effective, some not, that are not cohesively enforced, so perhaps a Federal level of intervention is necessary. It's not a simple problem and is currently as divisive to discuss as religion and politics.

I think the horse community needs to be careful and very clear in their message regarding issues like this. It's a "small world" for horse people and we need new people at every level too badly to afford to take an alienist stance on anything.
Hi Maddy :)

It's a good thing that such famous riders take part in this kind of action! We are all concerned with this subject so everybody has to get involved!

Plus, high level riders benefits from connections with influential people that could really make a difference.
Hello Maddy! I didn't know about it so I did a quick research and read this article of Noelle Floyd (http://www.noellefloyd.com/we-want-action-how-riders-like-meredith-michaels-beerbaum-are-standing-up-against-school-gun-violence/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=StandingUpToSchoolGunViolence-News&utm_term=button&utm_content=article4&utm_campaign=18-0328)

I think it's really important that riders such as Meredith Michaels Beerbaum are involved in such actions, just as singers, actors,... They are the 'rockstars' of our equestrian world so it's necessary that they encourage the other riders to do the same.

It shows that the equestrian community is not only focused on itself.
Everybody is touched by gun violence so it's a duty to get involved at some point!
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