Is it actually possible to get your horses mane to go to one side in a short amount of time and how?

For temporary wet a flannel or something and wet the hair over to one side! X
Plat the main over to one side !
I would like to have it on Both sides, heh
Not permanently. Just like everything else with horses, it takes time to train the hair in a different direction. Worst case, dippity doo hair gel and braiding works. Just make sure the elastics come out easily or you could find your horse rubs a braid (and all the hair out).
Hey! Make tidy braids and as many as you can make! Leave it for 2/3 days and when you unmake the braids get them wet or pass a wet brush, it works with most manes!
Hope it helps
Comb it over with a wet comb and keep the mane short so it won’t be as hard to move.
Braid your horse’s mane down to the side you want it to lie on. They don’t have to be super neat, and you don’t have to roll them up as if your going to a show, but having the braids in will help keep the mane to one side.
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