Do you recommend wearing a vest to improve confidence while riding? One of my big fears is just falling off and I heard a vest may help feel safer.

When I was younger my parents made use one, but I didn't really like it, I had no clue if it was dangerous or not riding without one!
I had a student that wouldn't ride without one and as he got more confident he stoped using all the time, only use it for jumping!
So I think it depends on how you feel with it, if it makes you feel safer and more confident use one!
Hope it helps
I depends on personal preference. I personally don't particularly like riding in them as I find them restricting however lots of people feel safer wearing.
I would
Do you a bad protector? I wear a back protector when I ride, I recently just got my own pony and I feel a lot more confident and safe, I would definitely get one! :)
A vest as in a back protector?
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