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What are your tips for a horse that can't stand still when he is inside in the crossties?

What are your tips for a horse that can't stand still when he is inside in the crossties?
When he does standstill for a certain amount of time(no matter how short) give him a treat. So he associatesstanding still with a reward
I usually just give a horse a lick it to keep him/her interested. But if they are also begging, I just ignore them until it stops :) hope this helps 😁
Ask your friend to hold your horse or give your horse a toy 😄
I have the same issue but I haven’t been able to fix it. The make them pic their feet up, try squeezing the chestnut. That normally works. Also, try only holding it up for 2-4 seconds. He is good (no fighting) but it down and give him a treat. Keep doing this and continue to extend the time the leg is up. For the back legs, try having the leg further out, kind like how a farrier hold the back legs. Hope this helps
He’s inpatient and won’t stand still. First he was nervous and unsure. But now he’s just being an asshole. He get’s to lick on candy. But he get’s bored of It after awhile. The problem is that he is really bad at picking his feet up for me! He stands with all his weight on his feet so I have to lean on him really hard And try to pick up his feet. And he will even hump around on 3 legs trying to avoid me when I’m holding his leg! His knee was leigt almost in the ground today 🤦🏻‍♀️ The back feet is the worst. He will kick to get you off his leg If you aren’t fast enough and you can’t just hold his leg you need a farrier grip And alot of mucle to hold him when he’s yanking his foot away. Again he dosen’t care If he falls on the ground as long as you are not holding his feet anymore. He can be nice And we are working on the manners. And he has gotten alot better. We just need some tips about the feet problems And mabye some tips on How to teach him some manners?