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How do I train myself to keep me from pulling my horse’s mouth before a jump?

How do I train myself to keep me from pulling my horse’s mouth before a jump?
try putting your reins under your martingale.
Try holding on to some main and focus on holding on to that main, and getting over the jump.
Hope this helps :)
And this has actually nothing to do with my horse because she is very calm, but when I see my distance isn’t there I pull on my reins and that’s when I get in trouble and I make circles. Because I often turn away from the jump in the practice ring my horse gets frustrated with me which I totally understand and that’s why I want to work on this and do better. Thank you all for the tips!
Try to hold the mane or ride on a calm horse/ try to jump without reins. Good Luck! 💚
Hold mane
U can try grabbing the main just b4 u jump
I have a great trainer and when she’s training me I am very relaxed and confident but when I’m on a show and she’s not there I freak out somehow even though my parents are riders and they help me.
Anyone who has problems with their reins/hands while jumping I recommend doing grid work with no reins. If your horse is having problems with distances, perhaps work the horse loose through grids with placing poles first for him to establish his own distances. The nice thing about a grid is you can create a shoot so the horse can only go over the jumps. You can focus on yourself, your own balance and your own position, whilst trusting the horse to find his own feet.

It might also be worth finding a trainer who can teach you to control your horse's stride using your seat more than your reins. I find dressage instructors very helpful for this, although a good jumping instructor should help.

Do you have drag hunting where you live? Hunting is great for horses in many ways. Many NH race horses, and eventers in Ireland are hunted because it helps them to develop their "fifth leg". Then when it's jumping something more technical, it's developed the skills to get itself out of a sticky situation such as a bad stride.
try doing a crest release, start your release from a few strides away from the jump and a few strides after once you get the hang of it start your release closer to the jump and just begin taking the strides away until you get the feel, hopefully that made sense hahaha
Grab the neck strap/martingale so it prevents you from pulling to much and interfering.
Maybe you should practise the distance then! Put Polens out and practise not pulling over those. Put a pole 3 strides and another pole and just practise both you and the horse being relaxed! This Can take a long time and even Pro riders do pole exersices
Yes exactly! It’s an instinct but it doesn’t help me or my horse and my riding gets worse by it. It’s just a mental thing and it happens automatically when I ride and so I really want to change that. I want to be a more relaxed rider. I just find it difficult to trust my horse when I see that my distance is wrong. @juliameeboer
Hi Gail! I used to do that too. I ride a very strong and down hill horse so it was like an instinct to do that but then my trainer told me to hold his head and let him pull me to the jump and then at the last stride give him his head. It’s made a huge difference for me. Hope this helps 😊