How can I keep my horse on the bit while cantering towards a jump and keep him from rushing towards it?

While warming up do a lot of transitions and make sure your horses listening to your legs and twins. Before the dumb try to play with your horse with your fingers and try to like talk with your horse. You can do a exercise like going on the pole and stopping before and only when your horse gets relaxed and waits for your signals, then you can go on this pole without stopping or doing transitions remember to do everything slowly and carefully and don’t get nervous. Good Luck! 🍀 💚💜😁
Rushing wise just give with your hands. The first couple of times he will go faster but then will get better. Most of the time this starts from people (not saying it’s you) pulling to the base of the jump. Give like 4 strides before the jump. I just fixed this with my OTTB yesterday and it worked! Good luck!
Go back to refining your flat work. That is the basis for jumping and if it’s not working correctly, it leads to issues when jumping.

And it’s not so much “being on the bit”, as it is working your horse from his hind end. Work back to front and making sure each gait is quality and that he is using himself properly. Leg before hand always. Even when your legs feel like they’re going to fall off lol.
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