What are some tips to help me to find my lost stirrup quickly while cantering?

Slide your feet around, but not annoy the Horse ofc. Try to stay in good balance and be relaxed. Dont think about it that much. I Lost my stirrup and continued jumping while competition. Good Luck! 💜
Try turning your feet in towords your horse- sometimes that can help
Hi Kristen, I always try to relax my upper leg and keep my heel down and my toes forward as much as possible. By relaxing your upper leg you will stay balanced and by keeping your heel down it's easier to find your stirrup with your toes. You can also try to practise on keeping pressure on your stirrups so your feet stay put, and some no stirrup work to work on core strength and stability, which also helps with keeping your balance and hence your feet in the stirrups 😊
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