How can I stabilise my upper body while the first canter steps? I tend to collapse my shoulders and lean forward.

It’s tempting to go with our shoulders when asking our horses for a forward movement, in reality, however, it doesn’t really communicate anything. Give yourself time to learn to work with your leg aids separately from your upper body which is the right indication to begin the canter. Equally as important is remembering the movement begins with the core within your pelvic region, this is where stabilization comes from, allowing you to keep an upright position with your upper body and shoulders.
Work on your confidence and try riding with no stirrups. Put your head up and but your shoulder back. You can try to ride bareback or do excercises on a gymnastic ball 😄 good luck! 💜
Picture a string pulling your head up
No stirrup work
Work without stirrups in trot to work on your core and position. Think about sitting up. If you're confident enough, canter without stirrups.
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