Ask @astiernicolasofficiel : What do you think about the will of federations to minimize at best the risk in eventing even though it's in the heart of our discipline?

Hello Levis,

It’s a good thing to minimize risks but we saw some excess with table that blend for example, it sometimes become outdoor jumping. I think that we need to keep fixed fences because horses respect them. Sometimes, some riders look at an average horse during the jumping course and tell me “it must be dangerous in eventing!” but you have to keep in mind that a jumper that’s not really good can be a very good crosscountry horse.
Indeed, horses have the advangtage, compared to a machine, to be aware of danger. They know that fences are fixed and they manage to don’t fall, and if they do it’s mostly the rider’s fault!
In steeplechase, horses don’t fall when the jockey fell and they jumped alone! Some good things had been done for safety but there are also mistakes like riders who go on a crosscountry course but are not educated for that. Indeed, the qualifiers allow riders that are not experienced enough to the higher level. In Ireland, they have a statistics society giving information on every couples, for example how that horse react on this course, if this rider already fell from this horse etc.
Entries can be refused to some riders, depending on theses statistics. If there are too many falls for a couple, the rider can follow lessons with a professional provided by the Irish Federation.

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