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Ask EQUISTRO: What's the process of the creation of a new product and how do you test it?

Ask EQUISTRO: What's the process of the creation of a new product and how do you test it?
Hello Mark,

Thanks for your question,

Our R&D team works on new potential products and works to improve the horses’ health with Equistro products.
For every 5 people on the production lines, one person is dedicated to Equistro product quality.

Nutritional supplements can only support and benefit the horse’s health if the target tissues/organs/cells are in fact reached. Vetoquinol’s bio-efficient approach is unique in that it collectively focuses on the following points:

- Premium quality ingredients.
- Excellent formulation palatability.
- Optimal ingredient bioavailability.
- Scientifically backed data.
- State-of- the-art European manufacturing facilities.

Good acceptance by the horse is essential whether it be added to the feed, drinking water or administered directly into the mouth.
Studies in horses have clearly identified certain preferences in terms of flavouring. For this reason all Equistro products under go palatability studies during development.

Vetoquinol’s strive for quality ensures that only reputable suppliers are used whose materials conform to the relevant Pharmacopoeia imposed standards, like the label FAMIQs

Every batch of an Equistroproduct containing herbs or their extracts are analysed for environmental contaminants by the internationally renowned laboratory for anti- doping control, the LCH (Laboratoire de Cours Hippique). Only when this final report has been received is the product dossier reviewed by Vetoquinol's quality control pharmacist for release. All non-conforming products are refused and destroyed.

I invite to you visit our website with all informations about the quality standards and the best practices:

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The Equistro team!