How can you get a horse to jump without him being scared?

Hi Haley
I have a pony like that at the moment in training what we are doing is before a session walking her over all the poles and raised poles the when on do the same thing and we make sure we have guide poles up so it’s inviting and when she goes over it give loads of praise but make sure not to tell your horse of at all make your self seem confident and your horse will be to
Hope this helps
Practice, practice, practice. Start really small and inviting, like little crosses and you can try and incoportate them into even a flatowork ride, this kinda tells your horse it's not a big deal. Also make a really big deal and praise him heaps after jump. Hope that kinda helps x
Start with low ones and work your way up. Also let them check it out, sniff it, and lead them up to it :) Get the message across to them that it won’t attack them 😂 hope that helps 😁
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