What are some advice for a very forward going horse that is super tense when riding and very sensitive (she goes crazy if your legs touch her sides)?

My pony was just like this and is still some days and is just starting to losen up and accept my leg. This is what worked for me and her; I really grew my bond with her and did a lot of bond exercises to get her to really trust me and know that I would never ever hurt her. Then slowly through circles I would apply my leg as a leg yield to support her through the turn. I just started slowly building up the amount of leg I used through the turns. This should also eventually help with getting her to lengthen her stride and get less tense. Hope it helps!
I use to lunge a horse with the stirrups down (tapping her sides) so that they got use to it
Try to relax her. Turn a lot make big, small circles but piles out and go over them in different ways. Basically do unexpected things so she has to think about a lot. And of course do a lot of half holts and if she doesn’t listen just stop her completely
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