Did you ever bought a horse from overseas by watching videos and if so, how did quarantine, shipping, and payment all get handled? Thanks in advance :)

I've bought horses overseas in person but don't recommend buying off a video. It is risky and I have seen many problems occur when people have received horses significantly lower than expectations.

I would advise finding someone who you trust who has a contact if you are going to risk buying off a video
Thank you! Just curious how much it would be because I am really looking into a farm from the U.K. that sells! :)
It is about $10000 for a gelding and $14000 for a mare in Canadian dollars. But what ever transport company you are using should be able to give you a quote on how much.
Thank you so much! It is a very well known company and they have shipped hundreds of horses but I was wondering how it all went about. I don’t wanna get too personal but how much was shipping and quarantine for one horse if you don’t mind me asking?
i just bought a mare overseas off video and it all happened very easy. Most places over there have sent horses over seas multiple times so they know what to do and stay in contact with you until your horse has landed where ever you are! Since I was importing a mare to canada she stayed in quarantine in Belgium for 10 days and then stayed in quarantine in Canada for 30 days. We got pictures of her vet check and her in quarantine and once she had landed. We bought her from a sales company so they were in contact with overseas horse transport and sorted everything out. Also they make sure you insure the horse before it goes on the plane incase of anything that could happen in transport. I don’t know much about the payment suff Because my parents took care of that portion but over all everything went very smooth and fast! We found her videos on a Friday and vetted her on Monday and she was sent to quarantine the next day! But there is always a risk buying horses off video, some don’t come the way they went in the video and there is always a chance for a freak accident on the plane!
Thank you! :)
Hello Malia! I never bought a horse overseas but I know some rules. There's a quarantine and each horse in the shipment undergoing import quarantine will be tested on the day of arrival and he test results take a minimum of 42 hours to process.
I know many buyers use the services of professionals like brokers, it makes all the executive part much easier.
They coordinate the efforts of airlines, customs brokers, and other partner government agencies to ensure the safety of the animals, facilitate clearance of the shipment, and schedule a timely arrival.

For the payment, there's no trouble with international payments nowadays :)

Hope it helped!
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