What good things can I do with some mane of my horse? I recently lost him (major freak accident and he had to be put down). Thank you x

You can also order bracelets from numerous locations online and they do a very good job. You simply measure your wrist, order and send them the hair. Always worth it in the end.

Sorry for your loss, I recently just order bracelets and a ring made with my old ponys hair
Hi Taylah!

I am so sorry for your loss, I know just how it feels. When a horse I loved was put down, I made a bracelet out of his mane hair, and I still wear it to this day. I hope this helps and you feel better.

^^~ Zoe
My instructor used the horse hair to make the "chain" of the bracelet then had a silver plate on the middle with the horse's show name engraved on it.
I’m so sorry for your loss! I recently went through the same thing but with my dog. I know how hard it is.

Making a bracelet would be a really nice way to honor him. You can wear it all the time so he is always with you.

You might be able to make a tassel/keychain with it. This might be cool to have for keys for your house or car.

Another thing that I love is not with the humane but with the shoes. If he had shoes and you have one you can make it a picture frame.

Again, so sorry for your loss. I hope this helped.
Thank you so much. I’ll definitely look at those.
Hello Taylah,

Sorry for your loss...

You can do a bracelet with it, or a kind of tassel maybe, so that you can keep it with you everyday.

I found these if you want:



Good luck!
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