Ask EQUISTRO: My mare just had her foal and she doesn't seem in good shape, what supplement can you advise me?

Hello, thank you for your answer, the vet came just after the foal but I will call him again.
I hope it's just passenger and if that's the case I'll have a look to these products!
Thank you so much
Hello Ian,
Thanks for your question :)

First of all, if you feel that your mare isn't in good shape, contact your vets, he will give you good diagnosis in case of serious problem.

If you think it is just passenger, you can give for example :

- Haemolytan 400, it helps provide the elements necessary for red blood cell synthesis as well as for recovery after periods of intensive effort (foaling, gestation...)

- Mega Base Fertility, it helps to balance their diet during the lactation periods. The pelleted mineral complementary feeding stuff is rich in vitamins, amino acids to reply to the increased demands resulting from lactation.

More info on :

Have a nice day

The Equistro team
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