What are some advice to show your horse that you are the boss?

I like to think that the horse and rider are a team. Once you work together your ride is 100x better. You can achieve this by creating a bond with your horse or furthering it (spend time with them, give treats, personally groom and tack up and feed, walk them on trails by lead rope or even under saddle, spend time in the pasture, etc.). You need your horse to gain your trust and vice versa. You can do this by doing ground work, practicing R+, practicing liberty, and free lunging/round penning. And join ups are 100% possible. But the most important part of gaining your horse’s trust is this: pain is not tolerable. Punishment and penalty are two different things. Punishment may be a crack of the whip, yanking the reins, spanking anything painful to the horse. Penalty is backing up and starting over, no treat, something fun taken away. Physically punishing your horse (yelling counts as punishment) will only make it worse. A horse can sense your anger and yelling makes him uneasy. Horses have more nerve endings than humans do, meaning they feel more pain much easier. After your horse has gained your trust and created a bond, he’ll follow you places and want to do things with you. After this is established, you can communicate with your horse. If your horse refuses an aid, don’t fight him or punish him, go around and practice it again. If he does it or gets better at all, reward him. Rewarding good behavior is so important. I hope this helps :) -Taylor
It’s not necessary that your the boss, I mean yes you have to them the horse where to go and what to do but you work as a team.
if the two answers below hasn't helped (over time) you could try the "join up" - there are different names for it. You can seach online there are different methods on how to do it
Hi, I think you should be more confident and don't give up when horse trying to dominate you.
I hope I helped you
Hi Quin
It’s more over time that the horse realises it if you are going the non Cruel way over time the horse knows and picks up who is boss
Hope this helps
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