Do you advise to have a more experienced rider to jump my horse higher than I usually do? I want to jump my horse 3 ft (he can jump up to 3’6) but I never jumped that high.

Hey! It's always important for the horses keep growing in their learning! So yes I would recomend to have a more experienced rider to jump your horse! What you do will keep him fit, jumping higher will keep him smart and sharp
Hope it helps
Best way to go into jumping a horse bigger is through gymnastics. There’s less potential of stopping and you falling off. I would definitely not do it without a trainer, however, especially if the highest you’ve jumped him is 2’3” :) that way you have someone professional on the ground to stop mistakes in their tracks and make it as safe as possible! X
Hi Quin
I normally work my way up so 2,6 then 2,9 and then before a course I I do a grid with the last jump as the height you want as then you can get used to the movement of jumping bigger
Hope this helps
The highest I jumped him was 2’3
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