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What are your tips to slow down a horse who is in a hurry to get to the paddock?

What are your tips to slow down a horse who is in a hurry to get to the paddock?
Hi Vanessa,

My horse did this. What I did, was, I stopped walking for a moment, wanting him to halt beside me and not drag towards the paddock. If your horse continues to drag, circle them. This shows them, you’re not going to allow them into the paddock until they walk politely. I did this for a few weeks and now my horse walks wonderfully. Of course, it always depends on the horse! Good luck
Hi Vanessa
I have a very cheeky 18 yr old that used to drag me to the paddock but my friend recommended me a Monty Roberts Dually halter that adds the extra pressure to the nose needed, my horse no longer drags me and walks at my shoulder. After a few months of using the dually I was able to use a normal halter again.
All excellent advice! I’ll add that when my youngster tries pulling me along I bring him back to the point that he started rushing, and keep bringing him back until he realises it’s quicker to just behave!
You Can Also try and stop Them and back Them up for 3 steps. Basically just take your time walk around and back and in circles
Hi Vanessa
With our horses we do what Ellie does as well as if they are strong we put the lead rope over their nose and have a short crop so we can pull on the lead rope by the withers for more leverage and then make sure they don’t turn with the stick and it’s also good to have a slow horse with you incase your horse is worried about something
Hope this helps
When walking out to the paddock, stop the horse every 20-30 feet. When reaching either the half way point or entrance to the paddock, walk him back to the barn. This teaches him that just because he's going to the paddock, doesn't mean he a) is going to be released and b) that he needs to rush. Hope this helps! :)