How can I get better balance when going to the jump so I am not as likely to fall off when my horse refuses? Thanks!

It sounds crazy but stand on a basket ball or yoga ball while you watch tv for 10 minuets, it really improves your balance for jumping
@sgloade I’m not 100% sure why... we have not jumped her too much, but she does have quite an attitude. When we first got her and jumped her, she did it with no problems. I had to take a little break because of a foot injury but I tried to jump and she trotted up to it and then all of a sudden refused and went sideways. Assuming she saw the jump before she got that close so maybe thinking it’s just an attitude? But it also could be her getting scared... what would you think?
Well mine are either being cheeky or they are genuinely afraid of the jump I have 4 refusers at the moment and we are just jumping they as much as possible to get them used to it and giving loads of praise when they do it and so far that method a lot with positivity is working great
Why does your horse refuse? I’m thinking it’s great to try to figure out how to stay on, but maybe curing the refusal is a better avenue to explore? Just a thought...
Hi Alannah
I am very used to this and over tone I have developed my ‘sticky seat’ which for me is heels down legs sliyforward eyes looking forward and up and slightly lean back but over time and falling off at the start is normal trust me I know, ponies will be the death of me 😅
Hope this helps
Sitting back is the best thing!! Keep your bum in the saddle! 🤣😁
Sit back , heels down, eyes up!
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