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Do you prefer black or white half pads and why?

Do you prefer black or white half pads and why?
I prefer both. Depending on what discipline I’m practicing that day, and what type of pad I’m using. For my white saddle pads, I prefer to keep it sleek and use all white. Otherwise, I prefer black as it gets less dirty, less quickly
Both. If it’s a sheepskin white but anything else black
I prefer black as I think they look a little neater and it’s not as noticeable if there’s a little bit of dirt on it
Hi Sharon
I like black as they look neater go with tack better and match most equipment that you use they also don’t show dirt too
Both but black doesn't get as dirty
Both are nice but I like black just because it would suite my horse better because she’s dark and it’s easier to keep clean then a white one
It depends on what color horse you have ... if you have a lighter color horse then white but if it’s darker then black