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Should I put shipping boots on my horse when trailering and why?

Should I put shipping boots on my horse when trailering and why?
Yes, shipping boots protect your horse’s legs from bumps, scratches, etc. in the trailer. If a show is usually far away I will do a shipping wrap instead of putting on boots for more support.
Shipping boots can be used any time when traveling and so can bandages they are just an alternative to shipping boots
You should only put shipping boots on the horses legs when they are going to a show that is close by, about forty I’ve minutes. When you are going for longer then you need to wrap the horses leg instead. Hope this helps!
Yes as anything could happen like your horse could catch their leg on the side of the trailer and could do permanent damage. It’s better to be safe than sorry 😁
I would use shipping boots! At my barn we never trailer without them. It protects their legs when trailering expecially long distances.
Hi Maria
Yes, as they protect the important parts of the leg such as tendons and the hoof and it can also help keep socks or greys clean. If your horse steps on themselves it can make the hoof grow incorrectly and it can damage the leg and it’s always better to be safe than sorry!
Hope this helps