What are some advice to see the distance before the jump? Sometimes I miss the timing when I should go into two point and get off balance.

You should get in the habit of following your horses movement. Not "going" into 2 point just because the jump is coming up.

You can practice closing your eyes about a stride away so you can get the natural feel of the position your horse puts you into so it's not so forced. You should practice until you are following your horse no matter where they take off from!:)
Thank you all for your answers!
Also, when my coach told me to stay seated for as long as possible and why, she told me to watch the other riders around me. We watched a girl, and she wasn’t staying in the saddle for as long as possible, so she fell off. It was pretty funny considering we were just talking about how you can fall off if your horse ducks out and you’re not prepared for it. It wasn’t a bad fall, and she didn’t get hurt. 😄
Like I said in the answer to your most recent question, make sure you are seated in the saddle for as long as possible before the jump. You don’t want the horse to duck out of it at the last minute and for you to keep going over the jump (without the horse!!). Stay confident, and if you are doing a course or a double, think about the next jump and look at it. This will turn the horse in the right direction
About 1 second before you reach the jump go into half seat
set up ground poles and start counting down to your distance 3 strides out. Once you get in the rhythm of 3, try counting down 4 strides out and so on as you start to see where you are. I hope this makes sense!
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