How to measure how much you need to exaggerate your two point/half seat?

@imaggiecd I mean like coming down with my upper body as of I'm going over a high oxer. Sometimes I stay too vertical and sometimes I come down too much
What do you mean when you say come down too much?
The higher you jump determines how high you need to come up out of the saddle. I don’t think there is anything wrong with doing a bigger two point with smaller jumps, but with taller jumps you definitely need to come out of the saddle, otherwise like you said you might knock a pole or lose balance which might cause you to fall off. Just when you jump taller jumps, make sure you aren’t coming out of the saddle too early, as if the horse stops, it is likely that you will go right over the top of him/her. Stay seated in the saddle for as long as possible before the jump.
I know the last bit didn’t really relate to your question, but I hope it helps!! 😄
I used to be too vertical with my body and overjump with a bigger two point than needed. I fixed it but I feel like I'm not rising out of the saddle enough.
I don't get up enough so sometimes I knock a rail or get thrown off balance. This is something crucial to fix if I want to jump higher and advance.
I'm also paranoid that I'll come down too much and exaggerate too much even with a small jump. I NEED ADVICE!!
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