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Do you have any tips to canter a horse who hadn't for a while? I haven’t cantered my pony in a while and I’m nervous to canter her

Do you have any tips to canter a horse who hadn't for a while? I haven’t cantered my pony in a while and I’m nervous to canter her
*when I say don’t pull the reins, just use body language and aids, the rein aid would be half halts or completely transitioning down.
If your horse is antsy, lunge her and get out all that energy. If you do lunge her, get her a nice canter going. Remember when you’re in the canter, keep a nice, flowing, comfortable pace. Don’t hold your horse back and don’t be stiff. Keep a loose body. Remember that all is okay if you pretend like you cantered last time and you expect the best out of her. I hope this helps. If you have any more questions regarding this, just feel free to ask me :) -Taylor
Honestly, I’d just go for it. Just try to relax and take deep breaths as you head for it, but don’t slowly move into it and trot faster before your transition. Don’t let your horse even get an idea that she’s going to canter until you cue, otherwise she’ll either slow down if she’s stubborn or speed up or canter without your cue and you’ll have a worse canter. Ride like you expect her to do amazing like some sort of push button pony. If you expect the best out of her, your confidence will raise and chances are you’ll have a better ride than you bargained for. Focus not on whether or not you fall off, but focus on the fact that you will stay on. Focus on her stride, her lead, and do some patterns such as a serpentine or cutting across the arena and doing a lead change. Focus on keeping her at a pace you’re comfortable with. Before you canter think of the kind of canter you want: do you want a fast canter? A slow one? Do you want a frame? Do you want a bounce? If you’re going for a bounce, pretend as if you’re cantering over cavalettis. Move your hips and pretend there’s cavalettis at every stride. Do circles and practice bending. If you feel your horse is speeding up, don’t pull the reins. instead use body language and aids to keep her slow. If she gets bored easily, keep her going with different transitions at different places in the arena, practice patterns, just keep her mind occupied. Pretend as if you cantered on your last ride (continued)
I would say definitely lunge her first. If you are nervous about cantering on her, make sure she listens to you at the trot and you can slow her down easily when needed. When you are comfortable at trot, try a canter, and if you start but then you aren’t comfortable, go back into trot and start again. When you say that you often lose control when riding any horse at a canter, make sure you keep your heals down, and your seat is in the saddle at all times. Also use half - halts and the squeeze and release ‘technique’. Squeezing and releasing instead of just straight up pulling back keeps them under control more, and slows them down more efficiently than just pulling back on the reigns.
Don’t let her know that you are nervous otherwise she or he will become nervous too, and that obviously won’t make you any more confident.

Hope this helps!! 🙂😄
Ok! So what has helped me is doing a bunch of half halts once my horse gets fast. Just remember to give her rein when she slows down :) also keep your knees on too, it will help with balance
Hope this helps,
maybe to try and get some energy out of her you could round pen her or lunge her before hand so she is a little bit more quiet and then when you go into the canter try and not use a ton of leg, mainly just your voice and seat.
Hi Chloe
Make sure to keep your rein contact and use your voice to make sure she is listening try not to lean forward and sit back and keep your heels down as this will help could control her
Hope this helps
@zoeequestrian I’m nervous I might lose control of her, because when I do go into canter on any horse I tend to not be in control no matter how lazy they are she’s 6 and full of life
What about it scares you? I could help you once I know 😁