What showjumping bit do you recommend? My horse is in a double jointed loose ring snaffle for dressage, but needs a bit extra pressure for jumping,

Hi Jess,

I suggest snaffles. While they’re considered mild, all bits can apply more or less pressure according to the hand behind the bit. Another thing to keep in mind: the thinner the mouthpiece, the stronger the pressure will be. I hope this helps.
Yeah try the grackle with a normal snaffle first and then see I would then ask your trainer what they think about a Dutch gag or kimblewick that has been the golden combo for my ponies jumping at home
I currently have a grackle bridle on the way that I have just bought :)
In that case I would recommend a Dutch gag or kimblewick but one last question have you got a cavason nose band or something else if so you could use a snaffle and say a grackle
Hi Lian, with me saying pressure it was better said as control, he doesn’t put his head down but can get rushy and a bit too strong with the biggers jumps
Hi Jess
I would not straight away go for a hackamore as your horse might not be the best, does he list his head and consistently pull does he put his head down and rush after? What I’m trying to get at is what is he like when riding as someone could recommend a Tom Thumb when you might need a hanging cheek bit.
Because you don’t what him to pull if you need more pressure
I would say ride in a hackamore
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