Do you have any recommendations for a good jumping saddle?

⬆️ Pristege is amazing! Not supper conman but amazing 😉
Hi Gwen,

Personally, I adore my Collegiate close contact saddle. They’re decently priced and absolutely wonderful. I’ve ridden in much more expensive saddles, but none seemed to compare to my Collegiate. Of course, it always depends on you
I know lots of people who love HDR. They aren’t super pricey as well
If you’re willing to spend the money- Antares! It’s been my favourite saddle and it still looks brand new even if it’s now 5 years old
Budget dependent...

Cheaper- HDR/Santa Cruz
Mid cost- Pessoa
High cost- Antares/CWD
Depends on your budget tbh.
peirstege 👌🏻 The best ! Albian are good too !
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