Ask @alizeefroment : What do you think about the trend of liberty work and ethological riding?

Hi Ruben,

I can't judge the ethological riding as I'm not practicing it and don't know about it (it's a science so to practice it you need to study it. I've never done it).

In my opinion too much people are making the confusion with "liberty work" and "bad work". That's not because you are free that you are fair and kind to a horse. And at the opposite, that's not because you have a snaffle that you are bad and strong.

I'm a bit concerned about what I'm reading these last times. I think that a lot of persons are lost, thinking they are very good to their horses because they are doing liberty, when I see only pain horses trying to do their best but unable to handle their own balance and so completely lost.

It's a long way to make horse people able to be more open minded and stop thinking they all have the truth in their hands, thinking the others are all wrong ...

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