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Do you have tips for getting your horse's horrible lead? My pony fights with me for ages to get it...

Do you have tips for getting your horse's horrible lead? My pony fights with me for ages to get it...
@caoimhesweeney yeah, we have been doing everything we can. we essentially got her out of having to live in a filed the rest of her life. when her previous owner tried to brake her and train her they really rushed it bc they wanted her to be a “perfect show pony” like her brother who won the 2016 greens at pf, and they caused sky high anxiety. when she was bad for them all the time and wasn’t the “perfect show pony” they sent her out to live in a field for 6 years of her 8 year life. it has gone down quite a bit, but the main reason of why she anxious (we presume) is bc she is worried about getting left again, even though i have been working with her since july and have never once left her, i i am on vacation i always still get someone to work with her. in our last appointment the chiropractor said that her tension has gone down a lot and is gone in some areas, when he firsts saw her in july she was literally tense everywhere. idk how to completely ease her anxiety, it is just something we always have adapted to. the chiropractor said that having her “person” has also helped bc i have done all of her training myself with the assistance of my trainer.
Is she still very tense in the right hind? Have you gotten to the bottom of why she is/was tense? If you haven't, and just fixed the tension, then the problem is still there and is likely causing the lead issues.

Otherwise, just doing repeated trot/canter transitions on a circle until she gets it right. When she does, reward her with lots of praise and releasing her from the circle.
Hi Abby
Try asking in a corner or on a tightish circle and then they will have to go on the correct lead for balance and try moving you weight and half halt with the out side rein and really bring you out side leg back and make it obvious which leg you are asking for we do this with my mare as she is terrible for leads
Hope this helps
we have had the chiropractor come out and she is very tense in her right hind, so i do five minutes worth of stretches before rides to help. it has helped a little, now she eventually gets it. she is just a pain about it and my trainer has suggested bending her to the right, and i will she just isn’t very good at bending and as soon as we start trotting to go into the canter she quits bending despite how much rein or leg i add she just starts drifting right to get out of it. so yeah, help?