Do you know about great shock proof half pads?

Hello Zoe,

I have lots of experience with Ogilvy Equestrian, Equifit, Lami Cell, Thinline, sheepskin/Wool, and nonslip pads. My top three out of these would definitely be the Ogilvy, Thinline, and equifit. The ogilvy has lots of new and updated technology and it is cool how you can customize you cover! The Equifit is definitely for a horse that has problems with the slipping with the saddle. The Equifit has a non-slip material underneath where the saddle pad lays. The Thinline is one of my favorites to use under the saddle pad to act as a non-slip pad even though it isn’t designed that way. I have seen countless people use it as non-slip pads, even though it still may slip. It acts as a buffer and absorbes the shock from the saddle and ride when jumping. Currently I use the Thinline and either the Equifit or Ogilvy when I ride. Hope this helps😊
thinlines are the best, i use a lami cell memory foam one that my trainer calls the “cheap thinline”
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