What do you think about the boot-checks in high level showjumping and do you think it has to be straightened?

Personally I think boot checks are vital. If they are illegal or causing the horse discomfort in any way, the horse shouldn’t be wearing them let alone competing in them. Personally I think the checks should be stricter and incline bit, noseband, ear checks and a more stringent all over check. And not just in showjumping but across all disciplines.
Hi David
I think that it is necessary for Boot checks
Hi David!

I think it’s necessary to have boot checks. I know multiple people that have gotten away with ‘illegal’ boots because they were in lower level show jumping. I feel like there’s a point where we’re asking too much of our horses and we need to recognise that things might be crossing into hurting the horse rather than enhancing their performance. It should be checked and taught from a lower level to be ethical when competing in my opinion
Hi David!

I assume you are referring to what happened ni bercy during the FEI World Cup Finales, with the columbian rider Carlos Lopez.

It was very sad to see that kind of behavior at this level, and the sad part is that it's not an exception..

I surely think that the FEI can make bigger efforts in order to improve the controls and avoid theses slides. Of course, it's not just about what happens during shows.

More sanctions should also me enforced.
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