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Do you prefer mares or geldings and why? Just wondering 😋

Do you prefer mares or geldings and why? Just wondering 😋
Mares all the way!!!!
Hi Emeline,

I’ve had both mares and geldings, and personally I prefer geldings. Mares can be wonderful, but their attitudes tend to be a bit more fiery. That’s not saying geldings can’t. I simply prefer geldings because personally, I find they can tend to be a bit more calm than mares. Of course, their personality and attitude does vary quite often, depending on the horse.
I looveeeee me my mares😂 I love the sass and yes they are a pain in the ass but I love it!
But I also like geldings and stallions. Stallions are fun when they don’t try to kill you😅
I prefer geldings because they have a gentler and less aggressive attitude. Mates typically are hormonal and awful to train when they’re in heat.
Personally, I prefer geldings. They all have different personalities. Mates are too stubborn and pushy tbh. But some geldings are the same way. The gelding I used to ride wasn’t pushy but normally stubborn. He was a speed demon. He didn’t care to be pet unless he was itchy. So it depends on the horse, but I definitely think geldings fit me better.
I have a gelding and a mare, i really can't say wich is my favorite, they both have such a strong personality and their own way to be! Some say geldings are easier to deal with because mares are more unstable (hormones)! I never seen much diference...
Honestly, I've only ever been attached to mares. I wouldn't say mares generally have more personality because I know plenty of geldings who have a fantastic 'look at me' attitude with just as much presence as mares, but I guess which you prefer is all down to your own personal experience with them!
Geldings they have less Attitude and personality
personally, I prefer mares bc generally they have more personality, but there are certainly are exceptions. I was a gelding person until I met my mare😂
Tbh they are both great horses depending on the breed